In 1978 when I was called to teach seminary I remember something that Spencer W. Kimball said to us. He said that we would be "held accountable for any false doctrine that we taught to the youth of the Church." That was a very sobering thing to hear. That was when I decided to start collecting quotes and stories from the General Authorities on every subject I could think of so that I could quote them when I taught. Since this is my 31st year of teaching early morning seminary I have quite a collection.

My goal was to work on this project at least 15 minutes a day and there were some days when that was hard to do as I was raising 8 children. From then until now I have continued this quest and have quite the collection all in alphabetical order by subject. I even have my favorite recipes and stories I've told over the years. My computer man convinced me that I needed to share this with the world, therefore this website.

You have free access to all the quotes, plus if you would like to set up a password you can add to my quotes in a file of your own that you begin.

Also I have several CD's of stories that I have done over the years for my 29 grandchildren and I'd also like to share those with anyone who is interested. They can be downloaded to an iPod or you can make a CD for every child you want to give one to.

In addition to all of that, for the last 10 years I have made personal family history story CD's for my grandchildren that I've included on this website. They are stories about our family but children love all stories.

I would love to hear from you about how you feel as you use this website or if you can think of anything we can do to improve it. My goal is to practice "Consecration". I hope this site will be useful to you as you study and teach the gospel.

- Ginger Ewell

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